SG PointCloud

SG PointCloud

SG PointCloud is an initiative supported by IMDA’s Enhance iSprint Scheme. This initiative provides a building block to Singapore’s Smart Nation drive making available high precision geospatial datasets (Point Cloud) of both the natural- and built- environment to support Stakeholders. This pre-qualified solution enables Adopters to derive productivity gains through:

  • Increased operational efficiency – Quick turnaround time of required data;
  • High quality content – Feature-rich dataset supporting design, planning, analysis and engineering related scopes;
  • Improved productivity – Manpower savings through workflow re-engineering and use of modern software;
  • Quality control – Source datasets supports verification and validation of any downstream deliverables;
  • And more benefits awaiting to be yielded.


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About SG PointCloud

SG PointCloud is an initiative aimed at providing pointcloud data of the natural and built environment swiftly. Traditionally, due to the long turnaround time in acquiring high precision geospatial datasets, differing quality and reliability of these datasets, it hampers the Service Providers of their needful deliverables. The need of having such accurate, reliable and timely datasets to Stakeholders involved in any construction projects (concept-to-completion) for instance has often been overlooked. SG PointCloud address this gap.

SG PointCloud impacts positively on productivity, data quality and labour shortages. SG PointCloud adopts the most current and advance data acquisition techniques and makes available a variety of accurate and high-density datasets. This caters to an array of downstream deliverables enabling architects, engineers, consultants and analyst to perform a wide range of applications.

SG PointCloud is a Smart Nation initiative which GPS Lands partnered with IMDA (under the Enhance iSprint Initiative) to provide high precision geospatial datasets of both natural- and built-environment of Singapore. This initiative provides the Subscribers point cloud dataset that is selectable from a map to support varieties of use cases (engineering, constructions, planning, design, etc).

About GPS Lands

Founded in 1999, GPS Lands started off as a products-only company providing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solutions. Through the staunch support of the Surveying & Mapping Community in Singapore, GPS Lands grew from strength to strength and in a short span of 2 years, became the undisputed market leader in providing highly accurate and reliable GNSS solutions to the Singapore market.

In 2005, GPS Lands saw the start of its consulting practice. It was also selected by SLA to set up a “Nation Wide GNSS infrastructure (SiReNT)”. In 2010, GPS Lands ventured into the LiDAR-based technology space.

Today, it boasts of a team of highly competent, highly motivated and technically inclined individuals pushing the boundaries of how LiDAR & Imaging Technology are deployed. With extensive use cases experiences and project references for Terrestrial, Mobile and Unmanned Aerial Scanning & Imaging Systems, GPS Lands is proud to be the technology provider for notable “National Level” initiatives.

“We look forward to “availing our all” to help our customers solve their problems. This is our contribution towards building this “Small but Great Nation of Singapore”. – Gerry Ong (Founder & Managing Director)

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